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What People are saying....

...he understands what we need and consistently delivers a superior product...

...competent and professional - great to deal with...

...always over-delivers, and on time! ...

"working with Mark a true pleasure"

Carol Perkins-

Human Resource Management Consultant and Copywriter

"Mark’s passion for reading has given him a well-rounded perspective on many current business issues and concerns facing government, the economy and world affairs, which has also given him intuitive insights into possible future events. His vast knowledge of the stock markets comes from actively working with them; analyzing, monitoring and trading. Working in many industries not only as a consultant, but also as a previous owner of a successful consulting firm, Mark has a solid understanding of business complexities; analyzing problems and quick to find their solutions. A very honest, personable man, Mark is always willing to share his knowledge. All of these qualities, combined with his quick wit and sense of humor has made working with Mark a true pleasure."

"delivers above and beyond"

Lauren Jawno -

Author, Motivational Speaker and Performance Coach

Mark is an absolute pleasure to work with - efficient, reliable, delivers above and beyond and incredibly effective at what he does.”

"pleased with your work"

S. Miller -

VP Communications Cougar Software

...we are extremely pleased with your work and hold you in high regard and will have no problem being available for reference calls to potential clients..

"competent and a consummate professional"

Harold Katz -

Head of Marketing SYSPRO

"I have known Mark for many years. He is both extremely knowledgeable, competent and a consummate professional. His knowledge of his craft extends way beyond the average and the real value delivered is in the broad expert knowledge and experience that Mark brings to the table. After knowing and working with Mark all these years I look forward to a lifetime friendship and a real resource that is readily available at the drop of a hat."

"highly recommend him"

Sue Impey-

By Design Publishing

“Mark Bergman has an extraordinary breadth of knowledge and is able to convey this in a way that it is concise, intelligible and professional. He is able to research, understand and write about any subject. I would highly recommend him.”