MarkBergman Writer

(403) 614-5719

Bio / Why Me?

  • intelligent content that informs, educates and sells
  • a good idea of the issues and concerns you may have, & those of your leads, prospects and customers
  • an intimate understanding of business issues, challenges and solutions

Background / Experience

  • more than 30 years of Business & Consulting experience working for, as well as partnering with, some of the largest corporations in the World including Toyota, Siemens, Total, SAP and others
  • worked for, or consulted to, a wide variety of industries / organizations such as Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Municipal and Local Government and the Automotive Industries
  • co-founded a Business and Software Consultancy, which grew to 165 people
  • a working knowledge of a wide range of business operations & processes including:
    • The Derivatives, Stocks and Financial Markets
    • Finance, General and Cost Accounting
    • Marketing, Sales and Customer Management
    • Production and Manufacturing
    • IT and related Technologies
    • Distribution and Warehousing
    • Commercial Real Estate
  • written 100's of different pieces - including white papers, special reports, journal articles, blog posts, editorials and others for a variety of organizations over the last decade
  • formal qualifications in Computer Science, Economics and Business Management
  • completed numerous B2B and B2C copywriting courses through American Artists and Writers Inc. (AWAI), including:
    • Copywriting
    • B2B Copywriting
    • Writing White Papers
    • Web Copy
    • Writing Case Studies
    • Writing Financial Controls

  • a published author of more than 25 books in the Business, Self-help and Children's genres under a variety of pen-names

General Attributes

  • a firsthand appreciation for marketing and sales - running businesses including my own for years
  • can speak to the concerns and needs of the man in the street as well as those of corporate executives - break down technical detail into easily understood info
  • able to switch gears from the detailed to the big picture & from one project to another
  • can analyze and digest large amounts of disparate pieces of information - see patterns, potential events and consequences
  • a self-starter & very disciplined - give me requirements, parameters & I am off to the races
  • years of meeting deadlines & budgets - honed a great work ethic
  • comfortable working alone or as part of a team